Fucket List: 69 things to do before you die

Sex is the most pleasurable activity ever, especially if done with passion and with the desire to have fun For this reason, we will never stop repeating how fundamental it is to know how to experiment and let go of every possible idea to put into practice alone or in pairs.

That’s why we wanted to create a list of 69 things to do at least once in a lifetime , between more playful experiences and others with the thrill of risk: are you ready to make your checklist and try the ones that are still missing?

The Sexy Fucket List of Annunci69

1. Film yourself during sex
Set the scene, set the mood, get your partner’s enthusiastic consent, and make a killer sex tape. Soft, sensual, rough or passionate, it’s up to you.

2. Ejaculating on your partner’s face
Experiment with facial or squirting ; are two of the “porn movie” actions that excite the most.
And then what’s wrong with concluding an oral relationship with a sketch of love to show your partner the utmost liking?

3. Masturbating or having sex in a public place
No, we are not urging you to file an indecency complaint, but try tomasturbating or having sex with your partner outdoors or in a public place, with the risk of being spied on or discovered by someone, is one of the most exciting experiences ever.

4. Experimenting with Kinky

Practices Ropes and knots are what turn you on? Or maybe you prefer the feel of latex on your skin? Or be spanked? Or wear heels to bed? Never put an end to unconventional sex.

5. Create a sexy playlist
Music makes sex better. Spend time with your partner creating the perfect playlist, hit play, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

6. Going to a nudist beach
Nudism or naturism , if you have never lived the experience of being naked in front of others , and in total contact with nature, going to a nudist beach will open up a new world for you. Beware, generally these are not places dedicated to sex, but leaving the clothes off will probably ignite more than a spark.

7. Try different types of lube
Ditch the drugstore lube; there is a whole undergrowth of cool lubes! Fruity, stimulating, CBD, arousal, warming. Play around with a few different strains to see what feels best to you.

8. Have sex in a cemetery
It may sound like a 20-something thing, but it’s sexy and spooky! The thrill of a graveyard can ignite passion.

9. Doing or having a footjob
It’s like a hand job, but done with the feet. The footjob is a must for fetishists, but even those who don’t see themselves in this category, once they try the footjob, will end up loving it.

10. Have sex in the pool
Whether it’s the pool at home, the private pool of a resort, or the secluded hot tub of a hotel, sex in the pool is a must. Just remember that water washes away the vagina’s natural lubricant, so bring lube (not water-based!)

11. Having phone sex
Being able to see each other is great, but hearing your partner’s voice on the other end of the phone telling you all the dirty things they are doing to you right now is a must try!

12. Film yourself during masturbation
Start touching yourself, take a video of your sensations, then play it. Isn’t watching you masturbate extremely exciting? 

13. Exchanging nude photos
Sexting and exchanging hot photos with your partner will be an alternative and very lively way to tease and enjoy yourself even from a distance. An exciting erotic game to put on your to-do list. 

14. Have sex on a boat
Whether it’s a yacht, a sailboat or a dinghy, unless you are seasick, get on a boat and experience the “move of the ocean”.

15. Participate in a sex video chat
Virtual sex is a great way to approach the idea of ​​doing it in public. To try!

16. Only have oral sex
Penetration is often seen as the epitome of sex, but it’s not the only type of sex. Today focus on the oral one.

17. Act out a sex scene on TV
Choosing among the sex scenes on television that you have loved the most, try to recreate one by playing the part of the protagonists.

18. Try Pegging
Whether you’re on one side or the other of the strap-on, pegging can’t be missing from any sexual bucket list. No more fears, we bet it will be terribly pleasant?

19. Giving or receiving a Yoni massage
Yoni massage is an erotic technique that focuses on vaginal stimulation, which aims to open the channels of pleasure, allowing sexual energy to be free to flow smoothly. To try!

20. Playing with food
Sex and food can go hand in hand and make things much more exciting: cream, chocolate, sushi, try to taste them from your partner’s body and you will find them even more pleasant.

21. Give anal sex
a chance Anal play can be fun when done right. Start slowly, maybe just with one finger, equip yourself with a good lubricant, and if the game excites you go ahead!

22. Becoming protagonists of a photo shoot
Many people feel insecure about their bodies and think they are not sexy enough, but in reality, each of us is sexy in our own way. So why not underline it with a hot photo shoot? Covering each other will be very exciting!

23. Finding your own aphrodisiac food
It is an ancient and deeply rooted belief that food affects sexual urges and performance. What are your passion foods?

24. Sex on the washing machine
If the washing machine is a classic of the screen, there must be a reason! But before starting, remember to turn it on, to enjoy all the vibrations!

25. Buy some nipple clamps
Don’t preclude yourself from this possibility, thinking you are not a fan of clamps. The nipple clamps can be adjusted at will, so that they can only be a light presence, until they become a true BDMS clamping system.

26. Experience BDSM
Slavery and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism (without the need to be whipped to death or choose extreme practices), are incredibly exciting practices if based on mutual consent and trust. If you’re not sure where to start, here are our BDSM tips .

27. Experiencing a nipple orgasm
Some women are able to reach a stage of absolute pleasure through nipple stimulation alone, so much so that we can speak of nipplegasm or nipple orgasm. And you?

28 . Doing a striptease.
One by one, slowly pull each piece of clothing off your body. When you’re completely naked, you’ll both be dying to touch each other.

29. Playing a Strip-Poker Table
In a world where you play to win, there’s nothing better than losing at strip-poker. Running out of clothes and maybe undergoing some penance can make defeat for once anything but indigestible!

30. Having sex on the beach
Yes, the sand can be annoying, but the sound of the waves, the taste of salt on your skin and the absolutely cinematic situation will make this experience special.

31. Introducing profanity in bed
Dirty talk, or “dirty” talk during the sexual act, is one of the most attractive and mysterious sexual behaviors, which can ignite the flame of eroticism, have you ever tried it?

32. Try cannabis products
CBD is found everywhere, it is a natural product extracted from cannabis, and it is worth trying. Who knows what its effects will be…

33. Experience the Threesome
The threesome is a very fantasy anyway. It’s exciting, but it’s a big step. You have to be sure you want to do it, but it’s a must-try experience. This is our Threesome guide .

34. Playing with the temperature
Extreme temperatures on the skin can give very strong sensations, especially if in a hot context. Some sex toys, in glass or in metal, they are thermo-adjustable and can be cooled or heated as you like, to let you enjoy ever new sensations. If you don’t have a suitable sex toy, you can always try playing with ice cubes.

35. Try the controlled orgasm
Known as Edging, the controlled orgasm is a formidable trick that makes sex even more intense, amplifying the pleasure.

36 . Using everyday objects to enjoy
A sex toy is a sex toy, but how exciting can it be to use an object found in the house to masturbate and then put it back? Electric toothbrushes, food, pillows, towels, in short, you are spoiled for choice.

37. Try pissing
Are you so sure you feel disgusted by your partner’s pee? Maybe in cold blood it doesn’t seem like a great idea, but try making yourself urinate on yourself at the moment of maximum arousal and then we’ll talk about it! Even hotter variant, that of receiving it directly in the mouth.

38. Play with wax
Slowly drip hot wax on your partner (or vice versa), but remember to buy candles specially designed for sexy play. The distinction is important to avoid bad burns!

39. Role-play
It’s fun to be someone else for a while, especially in sex. Doctor and patient, policeman and prisoner, fantasy characters: role-playing games allow you to immerse yourself in a different situation and experience new sensations. A fun way and full of variations on the theme to experience sex.

40. Have sex in total silence
Try having sex in total silence. You’ll want to let out a moan but you just can’t, which makes things even hotter.

41. Have Loud Sex
After you’ve been quiet all this time, it’s time for a session of loud sex, with loud screaming and moaning.

42. Try the Tease and Denial
The Tease and Denial is a sexual technique in which one of the two partners approaches the other to orgasm by interrupting the stimulation just before this occurs. To understand what orgasm denial feels like , you just have to try it.

43. Use a stimulating gel.
A few drops on the clitoris during foreplay are enough to provide a hot, cold or tingling effect and increase female sensitivity.

44. Being dominated (or being dominant) with your partner
BDSM situations can be really sexy. From hair pulling to spanking, latex catsuit to whip, just discuss the limits in the game of submission and dominance with your partner .

45. Have tantric sex
Increase your pleasure and reach an ecstasy never felt before, thanks to a different look at the orgasm.

46. ​​Buying a sex toy you’ve never tried before
Give space to curiosity, and try something you never thought of buying; you might discover your new favorite sex toy!

47.  Having sex on a swing
It takes some skill, but swinging a swing can make sex really fun. Hang on, relax, and start moving…

48. Buy a sexy board game
A game night, but make it warm. With your partner, or in the presence of other participants, you could find many ideas to light up the situation a little

49. Write an erotic story
Based on a real experience or your fantasies, it’s time to write something highly erotic and transgressive.

50. Wearing Vibrating Panties
The idea of ​​vibrating panties, especially when controlled remotely by your partner, is always super sexy. At a party, in the bar, in the restaurant, the evening will become spicy in the blink of an eye.

51. Masturbating in front of each other
Of course, masturbation is usually a private thing. But it’s also great to watch you enjoy each other. It’s also a great way to learn more about your partner’s likes and dislikes.

52. Trying Rimming
Have you ever tried to stimulate your partner’s anus using your mouth, lips, or teeth?

53. Watching Ethical Porn with your partner
Explore the world of ethical porn , with articulated plots and varied aesthetic canons. Recover a more complex and realistic vision of sex, obviously without neglecting the different tastes in terms of sexual practices.

54. Try CarSex
Find a suitable parking space and start making out in the car. You don’t necessarily have to have a full report, but you may get quite a few endorsements.

55. Do a fetish quiz with partner
Nodi? Latex? Blindfolds and handcuffs? An intimacy quiz will shed light on your most secret desires, and those of your partner

56 . Commit yourself to a period of chastity
A real transgression on the contrary: try to give yourself a time of chastity and force yourself to resist. This can also be an intriguing couple game, in which both participate or give control to only one of the two partners.

57. Having blindfolded sex 

Sensory limitation can be a highly erotic experience. If you haven’t bought an eye patch yet, you can always use a tie or scarf to cover your eyes. 

58. Going to a private club As a single or with a partner, going to a private sex club is an experience that everyone should have at least once. Mystery and excitement will blend perfectly, pushing even the most shy to let themselves go. 

59. Sex via webcam Who said long distance sex is sad? Showing up on cam and enjoying together can be very stimulating, an alternative to traditional practices to enrich your curriculum.

60. Trying the couple swap
Although it is not easy to accept the idea of ​​exchanging your partner, this is one of the most adrenaline-pumping sexual experiences ever, if done with awareness and the desire to have fun. The important thing is to always do what you feel like and follow tastes and instincts without forcing the couple.

61. Using a toy with remote control
Here’s an even more exciting game to play, especially if you’re a couple: wear an egg or a vibrating dildo and let the other person activate it as and when he wants. Holding the orgasm will be anything but easy!

62. Try shower sex
Wild and wet, it may not be entirely comfortable, but that also depends on the size of shower you choose!

63. Tie or be tied up
The fantasy of tying up your partner or being tied up is much more frequent than you think and opens up the possibility of playing many games in which one of the two partners has full control. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily need bondage ropes and complex ligatures to get going!

64. Attend a sex party
Hot themed parties aren’t that hard to find anymore and it would be a shame not to try to delve into them at least once. It is not certain that you have to have special encounters, but already being in a certain context is extremely thrilling!

65. Having sex with someone you wouldn’t normally have sex with
Here a lot of curiosity and desire to dare are required, but if these qualities are not lacking, having an experience with a person who usually does not attract you can help you discover something new about your sexuality.

66. Doing a 69 with your partner
Two people giving and receiving oral sex at the same time seems to be something simple and highly sensual. Actually a good 69 is not that easy to make. You may love it or hate it, but you definitely have to try it!

67. Try gagging
A little (consensual!) choking and gagging can be soo much fun. Just make sure you have a safe word and set limits beforehand.

68. Try Naked Sushi
Eat sashimi or sushi directly from your partner’s naked body, scooping the oriental culinary delights with chopsticks. Exciting?

69. Open an account on Annunci69
If you feel daring, we can’t help but close our list with the advice of opening a profile on A69 and putting yourself to the test, whether you are single or a couple: no shyness, however, to attract some hot adventures, don’t give up describing your tastes in detail and to upload photos and videos in which you show your best side.
In a short time you will have the opportunity to chat with other piggies and, why not, organize a meeting in which to accomplish one of the previous points!