Fucket List: 69 things to do before you die

Sex is the most pleasurable activity ever, especially if done with passion and with the desire to have fun For this reason, we will never stop repeating how fundamental it is to know how to experiment and let go of every possible idea to put into practice alone or in pairs.

That’s why we wanted to create a list of 69 things to do at least once in a lifetime , between more playful experiences and others with the thrill of risk: are you ready to make your checklist and try the ones that are still missing?

The Sexy Fucket List of Annunci69

1. Film yourself during sex
Set the scene, set the mood, get your partner’s enthusiastic consent, and make a killer sex tape. Soft, sensual, rough or passionate, it’s up to you.

2. Ejaculating on your partner’s face
Experiment with facial or squirting ; are two of the “porn movie” actions that excite the most.
And then what’s wrong with concluding an oral relationship with a sketch of love to show your partner the utmost liking?

3. Masturbating or having sex in a public place
No, we are not urging you to file an indecency complaint, but try tomasturbating or having sex with your partner outdoors or in a public place, with the risk of being spied on or discovered by someone, is one of the most exciting experiences ever.

4. Experimenting with Kinky

Practices Ropes and knots are what turn you on? Or maybe you prefer the feel of latex on your skin? Or be spanked? Or wear heels to bed? Never put an end to unconventional sex.

5. Create a sexy playlist
Music makes sex better. Spend time with your partner creating the perfect playlist, hit play, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

6. Going to a nudist beach
Nudism or naturism , if you have never lived the experience of being naked in front of others , and in total contact with nature, going to a nudist beach will open up a new world for you. Beware, generally these are not places dedicated to sex, but leaving the clothes off will probably ignite more than a spark.

7. Try different types of lube
Ditch the drugstore lube; there is a whole undergrowth of cool lubes! Fruity, stimulating, CBD, arousal, warming. Play around with a few different strains to see what feels best to you.

8. Have sex in a cemetery
It may sound like a 20-something thing, but it’s sexy and spooky! The thrill of a graveyard can ignite passion.

9. Doing or having a footjob
It’s like a hand job, but done with the feet. The footjob is a must for fetishists, but even those who don’t see themselves in this category, once they try the footjob, will end up loving it.

10. Have sex in the pool
Whether it’s the pool at home, the private pool of a resort, or the secluded hot tub of a hotel, sex in the pool is a must. Just remember that water washes away the vagina’s natural lubricant, so bring lube (not water-based!)

11. Having phone sex
Being able to see each other is great, but hearing your partner’s voice on the other end of the phone telling you all the dirty things they are doing to you right now is a must try!

12. Film yourself during masturbation
Start touching yourself, take a video of your sensations, then play it. Isn’t watching you masturbate extremely exciting? 

13. Exchanging nude photos
Sexting and exchanging hot photos with your partner will be an alternative and Read the rest

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