Does porn addiction really exist

Does porn addiction really exist?

How many times have we resorted to pornography to relax on an evening alone at home or to ignite our fantasies as a couple ? Whether it’s productions starring the most famous stars of this world or amateur videos like those shot by users of the A69 community, porn content is in fact among the most sought after on the web, as demonstrated by the statistics periodically published by the agencies of market analysis and from the same companies that deal with porn streaming like PornHub. However, there are those who rail against this habit, considering it risky for health and capable of creating a real form of Addiction: but is it really like that? Is there a Porn Addiction or is it an unfounded alarm?

Porn Addiction: What Is It?

Experts define Porn Addiction as the compulsive search for sexual content to obtain pleasure, an activity that has become significantly more frequent with the spread of the internet in homes and on mobile devices around the world. Within DSM 5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , this form of Addiction is considered as part of the more general sex addiction, therefore not recognized as a disorder in its own right but still attributable to a very specific area of ​​study .

In reality, the scholars themselves have not always agreed on this point, considering in some cases the Addiction to Porn a real disorder to be studied separately and to be included in the new forms of addiction developed in conjunction with the greater availability of contents of this type on the web.

Is watching porn really risky?

If we consider the statistics regarding the use of online porn content alone, we realize how much the phenomenon is increasingly widespread: in fact, only a few years ago it was estimated that the most popular site alone managed to total almost 4 and a half billion visits per month while other more recent data state that every minute the first three portals in the world have almost 135,000 accesses, impressive numbers that no other sector can reach. Faced with such a vast diffusion of pornography, especially in the most technologically advanced countries (79% of the daily traffic on PornHubcomes from only 20 countries in the world), one could therefore think of a real cultural and social emergency, but in reality the theme must be tackled in a different way.

Millions of people look at pornographic photos and videos every day , yet everything starts and ends within a few minutes (an average of 18 spent on genre sites for each session); however, the problem arises when from use you pass to abuse and when you can no longer help but look for hot content or even when you can’t reach excitement except with this type of stimulation. These situations, which only affect a small percentage of those who regularly view porn, can be classified as cases of Pornography Addiction and require the help of an expert to recover a correct view of sexuality.

The risks in particular increase in the younger ones , who, not having great practical experiences, risk entrusting their knowledge of sex to scenes that do not reflect the truth, lacking an adequate educational fabric on the subject , and in those weaker subjects, for whom Pornography it can be a way of not facing reality.

How does Porn Addiction manifest itself?

Does porn addiction really existThat Porn Addiction exists is a fact and this is also testified by many stories of famous and non-famous people, who speak of the difficulties arising from the continuous use Read the rest

erotic dreams

Erotic Dreams: Why They Happen and What They Mean

For a long time, sleep and dream activity have been intriguing subjects for scientific research , as well as representing the basis of various theories formulated to decipher the psychological sphere.

From this point of view, however, erotic dreams are uncharted territory, despite the fact that many therapists and psychologists have developed hypotheses about why they occur and what their meaning is.

Erotic dreams: 5 things to know first

  • Every night we spend an average of two hours dreaming , but we rarely remember the dreams we had.
  • Much of what we know about sleep and its effects comes from the analysis of brain electrophysiological activity .
  • Most dreaming occurs during rapid eye movement sleep, although it can occur at any point in the sleep cycle. In the REM stage, dreams are more elaborate, intense and highly articulated ; thoughts are more illogical and bizarre than those realized in other stages of sleep. During slow wave sleep (NREM), thoughts are more logical and with less emotional content than during REM sleep; dreams are poorly detailed and often include vague sensations and images.
  • Dreams impact well-being , both positively and negatively: they can be calming, comforting, frightening, or confusing; dream activity can also affect sleep.
  • Sleep changes significantly throughout life, and several studies point to its crucial role in cognitive functioning . Similarly, mental activity during sleep tends to vary with age . Dreams can be considered an expression of brain maturation and cognitive development, showing relationships with memory and visuo-spatial abilities. Adults dream quite frequently, but not everyone has erotic dreams.

erotic dreamsThe narratives and fantasies that accompany us during sleep are always fascinating. Erotic dreams are just one of the many expressions of dream activity that occurs during the night, although sometimes they can be vivid enough to cast doubt on whether there is a deeper underlying meaning.

What Are Erotic Dreams?

Erotic dreams ( or sexual dreams ) are extremely subjective oneiric experiences which are expressed in particular conditions during sleep and may reflect ( but not always ):

  • Real life situations or memories


  • Fantasies or experiences that the dreamer would like to have.

The formation of oneiric images is often not rational, but improbable (we remember that it occurs above all in the REM phase); some dreams include sexual actions that the dreamer never consciously considered while awake. These “oddities” emphasize that the dream is absolutely not about what it appears to be, but represents something else . Overall, in fact, dream experiences tend to be metaphorical, so some erotic dreams may not be about sex .

Example :

  • A person may dream of having sex with his best friend, but has absolutely no desire to have sex with him “in real life.” Rather, the dream may simply suggest the dreamer’s desire to be more vulnerable or open with his friend.

Why Do You Dream About Having Sex

Although the neurological aspects of dreams are well studied, little research has been done to explore the content and meaning of various types of dreams.

That said, there are many theories about the role dreams play in the human psyche:

  • Cognitive functioning : On the one hand, dreams are thought to allow us to enact potential scenarios or help our brain map and store memories;
  • Emotional regulation : on the other hand, considering the role of dreams in emotional processing and regulation, the available literature suggests that dream activity is a way to cope with traumatic or stressful events.

As anticipated, most dreams occur in REM sleep, a highly active phase in which the heart rate accelerates, the Read the rest

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If you wish to have dating enjoyable with London escorts you can attempt these techniques

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When you take Croydon escorts services keep these points in your mind to have the very best enjoyable

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Sex Prior to Marital relationship

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In a society where sex is overvalued, it is almost difficult for people, specifically the youth, to abstain from sex. Sex as a subject is taboo no more. Nevertheless, there are people who prefer saving themselves for marital relationship while others pick to take part in sex before marriage. No matter what society thinks, there are many pros connected with abstaining from sex until marital relationship.

One significant pro of waiting and making love in marriage is that you will not need to worry about sexually transmitted diseases. Many people, state teenagers, constantly get nervous after a sexual encounter with somebody they do not trust or know too well. Testing for sexually transmitted diseases and worrying about your safety can be prevented through abstinence.

Another advantage that comes with abstinence is that you do not have to stress over unplanned pregnancies. Most women and females who fall victim of unexpected pregnancies normally engage in sex prior to marital relationship. While others choose to keep and bring their pregnancies to term, others opt for abortion and wind up developing issues. Abstaining is one sure method of taking control of your life and planning your future with somebody whom you plan to spend the rest of your life with.

With all these advantages and advantages of abstaining from sex until marital relationship, others still think that there is nothing incorrect with making love. This category of individuals are of the concept that it is advisable to make love and know the capabilities or the drawbacks of your partner before you marry them.

It holds true that sex is a lovely thing which it need to form part and parcel of any shared relationship. Nevertheless, it is proper to participate in sex with that one unique person whom you mean to spend the rest of your life with.

How to take a trip cheap

Taking a trip is fun. We all like to travel locations and explore what they need to use. The fun of travelling boosts when we are together with our friend or families. Checking out brand-new locations in a foreign cities and taking pleasure in local foods is the very best and simple method to take pleasure in. However, when we are taking a trip then we need to invest a great deal of cash. For that reason, it is very important to take a trip cheap in order to save money while you enjoy your holiday. The easy method to save money while you are on a journey together with your buddies is to stay in a basic hotel and avoid eating in restaurants in pricey restaurants. Another easy method to conserve loan is to book cheap air tickets. The airline company business give deals and take a trip plans together, so it is a fantastic way to conserve a few hundred dollars if you are travelling together with your close ones.

A lot of travel agents likewise provide unique airline tickets deals that you can take a look at to get air tickets for a cheap price in an easy way. A great deal of times it happens that if you try to get the tickets for a discount straight from the airlines company then you would not get it. Nevertheless, if you reserve the tickets through a travel representative then you would get the discount rate as they have a tie-up with the airlines company. It is really an easy method to get the discount rate on airline tickets.

When you remain in a brand-new city together with your group of friends and you are looking for … Read the rest

If you wish to leave the songs market, try West End, London, online dating services

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Are you dedicated to discovering love this year? If so, there is still time to arrange yourself out. For the songs who are time-pressed trying to find a partner, one of the best locations to browse is the online dating websites.

Create a profile, browse and review dating concepts and start meeting people. It’s that simple. These services are preferred nowadays and have actually shed much of the stigma that was earlier connected with them. Even if you are new to online dating, the searching is easy and you can get your soul-mate in no time.

Begin by joining This is one of the most popular in UK and is a paid-for website. It’s an excellent place to check out and find single people searching for partners although you’ll need to spend for subscription if you want more dating services. This would consist of matching according to your personality, values and design. Here, you can discover guys seeking females or women seeking males for all ages.

If you are a bit worried or this is your very first time to date online, think about registering with eHormony. Their services are expensive but you get to take pleasure in assistance services. An expert therapist will assist you fill your profile and even coach you on how to approach your possible partner.

There are lots of websites for you to sign up to. Take some care specifically when selecting a date from free websites. You may wind up picking a scam with produced identity simply to groom you. The options are numerous from consistently themed to some really obscene. Whatever you are trying to find, the site can discover for you.

Searching For West End, London, dating services is no different than from other areas. You’re all grown up and understand the significance of taking safety measure when it pertains to conference complete strangers. Discover a site where you can have a good time being familiar with like-minded people. The environment should be safe and safe.

The city of London is an international monetary district

The city of London is an international monetary district, tourist and art Mecca. For anybody traveling on the Continent, London is the stop. To further the experience it makes good sense to visit the center of London’s theater district, the gorgeous and enchanted West End. If you have actually traveled to London prior to and serving as a tourist guide, wow visitors with your knowledge of the West End of London. Check out London favorites, bars and movie theaters. While staying in London go to the beautiful

People in London enjoy to walk in the fresh air so the city is filled with beautiful parks and cycling trails. Take some time to see the London Eye and watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. See the infamous Tower of London or the Palace of Westminster. On the West End walk down Regent Street and view the flags flying. This part of London is filled with shopping and glamorous hotels. Remain in this district and be in strolling range of some of London’s finest restaurants and theaters.

Leicester Square and Covent Gardens list as valued places for home entertainment, where much of London’s prime hotels stand close by. Stroll among historical architecture while you enjoy contemporary conveniences. Family entertainment abounds in London. Kids will enjoy the Wax museum, the world well-known Ripley’s believe It of Not and the Center for Puppet Art.

For a more peaceful time in London go to the covering actions, or gaze at the Battersea Power Station and contemplate the future. … Read the rest